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Blue Angel 30 ml

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Gracefruitin sivuilta:

"A delightfully refreshing citrus fragrance reminiscent of colognes of the past, elements of bergamot, lemon and mandarin zest combine with a herbal whisper. The heart is full blooming neroli blossoms, lavender sprigs and jasmine petals resting upon a gentle musky base.

Please Note that our testing data is only a guide and that results may vary depending on individual recipes. It is the customer's responsibility to test for compatibilty before proceeding with manufacture.

Testing Data for Blue Angel Fragrance Oil

  • Acceleration: None
  • Discolouration: Cream
  • Suitable for Candles: No
  • Flashpoint: 72C
  • Specific Gravity @ 20C: 0.9960 - 1.0000
  • Shelf Life: 2 years

All of our cosmetic-grade fragrance oils are suitable for a wide range of both leave-on and rinse-off bath and body products."

  • Paino: 100 g
  • Mitat: 5x5x5 cm